About Company
Makolli Company aims to double production and triple turnover in the financial period 2019-2024, offering unique integrated solutions to its partners-suppliers and buyers, thanks to the balanced development of business segments of the company by:
  • - Efficient use of network assets
  • - Investing in technology and innovation
  • - Strategic acquisitions of new assets
  • - Team capacity development and process improvement
  • - Financial stability / Strong balance sheet structure
  • - Strong business reputation
  • - A professional team of leaders
  • - Geographical focus
  • - Powerful production base
  • - Operational discipline
Strategic Objectives
  • - To consolidate the business interests of the Holding in Tajikistan
  • - To double the volume of exports by 2020 compared to financial year 2018
  • - To achieve sustainable cost management in the Manufacturing sector
  • - Position No. 1 in the segments of production competencies in Tajikistan
  • - Position No. 1 on distribution and logistics business until 2022
  • - Diversification of stream of stock and transition to all purchases exclusively on a tender basis from 2022
To maximize the profit of the Company, ensuring its sustainable development
Detaling Medium-Term Goals
  • Assets and management
  • 1) Expansion of confectionery production by 2.5 times until 2020
  • 2) Construction of a modern logistics complex with automated business solutions until 2022
  • 3) Development of own distribution network in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia until 2022
  • 4) Diversification of production of strategic raw materials in the Russian Federation, opening of production until 2023
  • 5) Significant renovation of plants to improve their efficiency
  • 6) Capitalization of financial year 2022 at the level of 310% compared to 2018
  • EXPORT of production
  • To triple the volume of exports until 2022
  • Position No. 1 of confectionery exports in Tajikistan until 2022
  • Development of new markets in the Asia-Pacific region until 2023.
Development of business areas
Foreign economic activity
Domestic production
UTM production
Hakimov Osim Yusufovich
Chairman of the Board of Directors

«Since 2005, we have been growing dynamically, annually confirming the leadership in the sector of production and distribution, logistics and other services, areas of competence of Our Holding. We cover more than a third of the total consumption of industrial production of confectionery and bakery products in Tajikistan. Of course, we have what to be proud of!

For us it is important not only what we achieve, but also how. Every day we perform hundreds of business operations and make thousands of decisions that do not have a universal formula, while affecting the performance of the Company today and its sustainability in the long term. In any situation, we rely on the vision and mission of the Company, our values and guiding principles that form the corporate philosophy and culture.

I believe that in the period of overcoming the next level of maturity, the transition from quantitative to qualitative growth, corporate values and principles have become the norm of life and the basis for decision-making for each of us, and the vision and mission fill our business with a special meaning and give a powerful impetus for confident movement forward!»

    We strive to become a leader in the production and distribution of confectionery and bakery products in Central Asia and make our region a key supplier of high-quality and technological products to the world market.
    We reveal unique business opportunities, developing the potential of our people
  • Strategic system management
  • Our business segments are closely linked by strategic unity and an agreed goal, their mutual integration creates additional value and has a positive impact on the overall financial result. We regularly conduct benchmarking of segments, effectively using our expertise and multiplication of successful corporate practices. We use the synergy of interaction of business, units and functions within the company to achieve the best possible results

  • Synergy of business directions
  • Our business segments are closely linked by strategic unity and an agreed goal, their mutual integration creates additional value and has a positive impact on the overall financial result. We regularly conduct benchmarking of segments, effectively using our expertise and multiplication of successful corporate practices. We use the synergy of interaction of business, units and functions within the company to achieve the best possible results.

  • Effective asset and resource management
  • We protect assets, increase their efficiency, take care of monetary and material resources, information, key risk management. The Company's interests are our priority. Each of us is personally responsible for the rational, efficient use and protection of the Company's resources.

  • Change and innovation
  • We are flexible in making decisions. We are not afraid of changes, but perceive them as new opportunities for development. We improve the quality of our assets, create modern jobs and introduce advanced management technologies, improve processes, train staff. We focus on global practices and adapt the best of them, taking into account the political and market specifics, changes in the external environment and unique features of our company.

  • Responsible leadership
  • We are responsible for our leadership in the market and the influence we have in the country, people and company
  • We contribute to the development of the manufacturing sector, form a business culture of doing national business
  • We promptly respond to the requests of partners, are responsible for the obligations assumed, fulfill the terms of contracts. We protect the reputation of the company, do not allow actions that can negatively affect the corporate image. We do not accept gifts or participate in activities that may affect business decisions..
  • Sustainable development and social responsibility
  • We are building a company with a long-term perspective, so we consider sustainable development as one of the main principles of our activity. We create comfortable and safe working conditions for our employees, provide them with ample opportunities for training and professional growth. At all production stages we minimize the use of energy resources, control the quality of our products. We openly cooperate with local communities and landlords and implement dozens of social projects every year

  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • We adhere to the current legislation and international legal norms. We respect corporate values and guidelines and act in accordance with internal policies and procedures. We condemn corruption and fraud, fight hard against their manifestations in the company, counteract conflicts of interest that can lead to financial and reputational losses. We protect and promote the interests of the company in legitimate professional ways. Sustainable development and social responsibility

  • Partnership and unity of purpose
  • The main principle of our internal interaction is partnership. We are a professional team of like-minded people who drive the company forward. Each of us demonstrates the correct model of behavior and interaction in the team. Holding different positions in different business units and departments, we do one thing and strive for common success. Together we are able to solve the most difficult tasks and achieve the best results.

  • Engagement as internal entrepreneurship
  • The culture of respect and trust is for us not just a friendly attitude to each other. It is an understanding and perception of the vision, values and guiding principles of the company. It is a transparent management structure that clearly defines the distribution of functions, allows us to take responsibility and make decisions. These are clear rules of the game and the absence of double standards. We are always correct and reasoned in business communication with colleagues and outside the company. We do not waste energy on internal disagreements, but concentrate on the development of the company and achieving common goals

  • The development of human capacity
  • Thanks to the right strategy, dynamic growth and balanced personnel policy, each employee of the company has the opportunity to gain new knowledge, realize their own ambitions and potential. 75% of managers at different levels have built a career in the Makolli Company. We pay great attention to the training and development of managers, professionals and young employees with high potential. We strive to create an atmosphere where people are happy to go to work, are proud of it, are maximally involved in business processes and are interested in the success of the company. By changing our culture for the better, we are changing ourselves!