Makolli Group of Companies is inherently a proprietary, clean, integrated holding, adheres to most of the practices of holding management of international standards and policies. After the decision on the transfer to the holding management of the Makolli Group of Companies entered into force, the Board of Directors of the company adopted recommendations and approved the process of a phased transition of business units in the implementation of the decision. The transformation process should be completed by 2020.

The company constantly strives to maintain gender, educational, professional and age diversity among management members, understanding the impact of diversity on maximizing value for shareholders. Diversity has been greatly enhanced over the past few years. The company adheres to the principles of diversity proclaimed in numerous internal documents, as well as in the Policy of equal opportunities and cultural diversity. We value and respect each of our employees, their opinion as unconditional responsibility and motivation, position on the issues taken as a desire to be in the team of development and change.