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They are called – payment. This masterpiece of culinary art leaves no one indifferent. The first mention of payments dates back to 1788. Then they were made exclusively at home. And only in the middle of the 19th century did wafer production gain a factory scale. One of the most famous manufacturers of these goodies is the Carl Bayer company. She even delivered her original culinary masterpiece to the table of the emperor of Austria-Hungary and Germany. History says that it was in the Bayer family that his wife Barbara created a recipe for a particularly tender dough, from which the famous Karlovy Vary waffles, which have survived to the present day, were baked. In Karlovy Vary, payments can be bought at every step. They are sold right on the streets, they can be enjoyed in cozy “waffle” cafes, where the unsurpassed aroma of this delicacy reigns. Payments are extremely popular with both the local population and numerous tourists. Yes, this is not surprising, the unique taste of wafers from Karlovy Vary will appeal to any gourmet. The payments are not quite ordinary (for our perception of wafers) round shape in a classic version, they are also single-layer. Eating them tastes better when hot, and should be heated in a pan without adding oil. Currently, there are more than fifty flavoring varieties of Karlovy Vary wafers. There are nuts and flavors of coffee, chocolate and vanilla, as well as a large number of liquor shades. In general, this delicacy can be enjoyed by any most capricious lover of sweets.